current projects

Since it’s hard for me to discern between work and hobby, I’ve got two major projects under development.

SkuFlow Inventory Systems

SkuFlow Inventory Systems was my first web major web application written in 1995.  This is an enterprise class inventory system integrated with onboard CRM, data analytics, reporting and  ecommerce ability. I’ve decided to rebrand and rebase the application to a modern architecture system in .NET and begin to get it back into the search engines for an online marketing campaign in 2023. is a new venture which was spawned from my family’s online book business. When I first launched SkuFlow back in 1995, one of my clients sold books wholesale. Since then I have managed over 20M unit sales in the wholesale, retail, and e-tail environments. We began selling books online for ourselves in late 2020.  Now, we are expanding our services and offering consignment sales to both businesses and individuals looking to sell books they don’t want. 2024 will see a new website which will allow the public to use our book lookup services to list books for sale, monitor prices, submit book lists for bulk purchasing, and to arrange transportation for their inbound shipments. My staff handles all of the inventorying, cleaning, fulfillment, and customer service so that our book buyers can concentrate on sourcing books.  We sold around 200,000 books in 2021 and hope to drastically increase our sales through this new website under construction. If you are interested in selling your books through our consignment service, you may read a sample contract here.