contract jobs

I am assembling a team of both part-time and full-time full-stack web app developers in the jr, mid, and senior level capacities.  Job descriptions are shown below.

My client will be paying you directly and you will record time online daily. The client is self funded and the length of contract is open at this time.

common contractor requirements

  • A strong desire to grow as a professional in this industry
  • Strong time-keeping skills with ability to communicate professionally and complete tasks on time
  • Contractors must sign a NDA/CA & Non-compete agreement prior to any work
  • Full working knowledge of SCRUM team development in a highly agile environment
  • Willingness to grow from constructive criticism
  • Elevation of performance from order taker to solution provider
  • Ability to meet and communicate on Teams (your plan must support group chats and screen shares)
  • You must own a subscription to Resharper
  • Working knowledge to expert level of experience in C# depending on contract role
  • Working knowledge to expert level of experience with Blazor depending on contract role
  • Proficient in Git utilizing GitFlow methodologies
  • A commitment to “do what is right”
  • Proficient to Expert ability in writing unit testing
  • Proficient in TDD and pair coding including code reviews
  • Ability to write highly performant and scalable code
  • Attend all virtual standups and scrum ceremonies
  • Ability to discern feature creep from sprint stories

available contract roles
The links are to the job descriptions.