Web Development

WordPress? Could you be any more of an amateur?

This is a rhetorical question right?  It’s not?  Oh!  Let me think about that for a moment.


And for the peanut gallery over there, I’m not saying “no i can’t be any more amateur.”  I’m saying, emphatically, that using WordPress is not an amateur solution to today’s web design strategies – at least in most cases.  It means you are in fact, wise.  If you have a job, you are in the money business.  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you like it and you make money.  If you had buckets of cash laying around your house, would you still do your day job if money wasn’t a priority?  If the answer to that question is “yes”, then why not use the tools you have available to be the most efficient as possible?

Granted, as a complete website, WordPress serves a limited niche.  For example, I wouldn’t put a major e-commerce initiative on the platform with woocommerce or use it to build an enterprise class solution.  Although, it can easily handle light to moderate traffic and thousands of products.  It makes sense for small businesses which is why I offer a starter package from $450 which includes three years of hosting, email, and support.

At one point in the not so distant past, i could earn a decent second income designing websites on the various freelancer networks on the internet.  However, the game has changed.  Clients don’t really care about the technology platform on which their website operates.  Rather, they are more concerned about the functionality and outlay of cash to get a sharp looking website where they can push rich content to their users.

WordPress allows your customer to get a lot of bang for their buck.  For many cases, don’t reinvent the wheel.  Help the clients to grow their business.  Concentrate on building relationships, not just making money.  If the client’s business grows, so do their needs.  Treat them honestly and look out for their best interest.  Who do you think they will be the first to turn to when they have a technology need?

So as for me, I choose to use WordPress for my own website.  It allows me to post content and attract customers so I can concentrate on growing my business by freeing up time to program on the very advanced needs of my clients.  You can bet that even for my larger clients, WordPress will be their blogging and CMS front end.