I am a true entrepreneur.  I always have had the need to innovate and over time have turned the sandbox projects into operating business units.  Here are a few of the sizable mentions.



SkuFlow Business Systems was started in 1996 as a small inventory application.  Just a few screens let you move merchandise around in a warehouse.  Today it has grown into a robust business application including inventory control, sales management, analytics, reporting, time keeping, PCI compliant e-commerce, CRM, product catalog, integration with Amazon Product API and much more.  SkuFlow is undergoing a complete greenfield re-branding and  full-stack modernization beginning in the third quarter of 2017.  

Prices depend on the number of users but all plans have unlimited usage and storage. Some of my clients have been with me since 1996 when I first launched.  I’m hoping to expand the platform in 2018 after relaunching.


Will We Buy It is a project near and dear to my heart.  The whole SkuFlow project started to help a client who needed inventory control.  Their business was rooted in the remainder book industry.  WWBI is nearing product launch and will be a book buyback service.  People across the country may have books they no longer want.  I will buy them under certain conditions.  The system allows you to look up the books you want to sell and the system analyzes certain metrics regarding the title.  If the book falls within a certain range, it will make a cash offer for your book.  Simply add each book you want to sell to your packing list and when you are ready to finalize the shipment, you will receive a quote to help cover shipping back to me.  Once your book is inspected and inventoried, you will receive an electronic payment via paypal.  It’s a great way to get a little cash back for books you no longer need.